In simple terms, a construction is defined as the total of   building works. Construction includes the building of  highways, railways, airports, docks, harbors, shipyards, bridges, tunnels, metros, sports facilities, pipelines, communication and energy transmission lines, power plants and refinery facilities, All kinds of construction works such as irrigation facility, soil reclamation, flood protection and stripping, and related construction works such as installation, manufacturing, extraction, transportation, completion, major repair, restoration, landscaping, drilling, and reinforcement also make reference to construction works.

In a well-built construction, carefully selected building materials are blended with architectural and engineering expertise and then it is presented to the end user. Construction work is performed in stages. Understanding the quality of a construction is very difficult for an end user who can only observe the final stage of the construction. A quality construction should be well designed by experienced architects and professional engineers. Decisions made by architects on issues such as appearance, functionality, material compatibility, and energy saving affect the quality of the building.

In the global context, there is a wide variety of construction materials that are manufactured. Especially in the regions such as Middle East, Asia, Russia and Africa, construction materials are in demand.

Construction Sector with Numbers

Construction confidence index dropped 0,6 point in June of 2019. New construction orders index decreased 1,1 point in 2019. House sales got narrowed 31,3 percent in May of 2019. It is also known that fixed capital investment decreased 13,0 percent last year.

While urbanization continues to increase, the construction sector continues to grow in the long term. However, concerns about global growth in the short term increase the risks on the construction sector worldwide.

Coronavirus and Construction Sector

After being detected firstly in Wuhan City of China, Coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected many sectors in world economy. The construction sector has been one of these sectors that have been hit by the pandemic crisis.

Construction, as one of the most popular sectors in recent years has been the sector that suffered the biggest blow in the economic crisis.

Hemstad Offers Strategies for Survival

As a subsidiary company owned by Swedish Allny Bygg Incorporation and with its dedicated team of experienced professionals, Hemstad carries its clients one step ahead in the competition in the market of construction materials. Under new business environment Hemstad offers its clients the best solutions with reasonable budgets. Hemstad provides the most profitable strategies for the companies that don’t have a relevant road map under today’s highly competitive market conditions.


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