Hello, I'm

Ceylan Ateş


About Me

Ceylan Ateş, who is known for her characteristic and original designs, is an architect born and
raised in Germany. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, and completed her
graduate studies in the area of Architecture and design, which paved the road to her successful
career path. Always sourcing her success to the love and support she received from her
family, she opened her first office as an architect to specialize after her education process,
which is Ceylan Ateş Design.
She believes that every designer chooses to create their own sense of style, and their designs
must serve as their own aesthetic view, and supports these notions by saying “Design is an
attitude!” She aims to go for what’s authentic and qualified, yet still demanded by her
customers. She puts her signature by passionately reflecting her unique and bold point of view
on her work.
Her architectural work is created on the basis of originality and responsiveness, and she serves
these private and located residences in various areas of Germany. Her architectural brand
Ceylan Ateş Design, her exclusive furniture series Limited Wild, Living Lux, and her
meticulously designed brand Ceylan Ateş Kids Collection are within her framework.