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World Famous Interior Designer

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World Famous Interior Designer
Of course, each profession has its own recognized “idols”. Famous interior designers are undoubtedly one of the most creative people on our planet, defining the face of each new era. Architecture and design are two complementary areas that create aesthetics and comfort. They do not stand still, as new styles and technologies constantly appear.
Katrina Antonovich design fantasy does not have any restrictions, which she mostly directs to the design of original interior projects, author’s furniture and decor. Katrina is one of the most sought-after designers on the Dubai coast, as well as all over Europe and USA. The luxurious interiors of private apartments, suburban complexes and hotels are the work of this talented designer.

Her style is an example of modern neoclassicism and timeless classics. Katrina’s creations remain timeless, as she combines elements of styles from different eras in her architectural projects. Her projects are called luxurious, while the designer herself defines luxury as perfect architectural proportions and a balance between interior elements. She makes all the items for her interiors exclusively in one copy. That is why they are unique works of art.
Katrina’s projects — from an exquisite interior to a cozy landscape and fashionable fit-out combine a game of imagination and creativity. Luxurious interior designs and architectural projects around the world were created by Katrina’s company — Luxury Antonovich Design. Studio design solutions are striking in full compliance with customer needs. She stole the hearts of lovers of beautiful interiors with her incredible sense of beauty and an interesting approach to details. If you are looking for ideas for a stylish and cozy interior, then Katrina Antonovich is the one you need!